IE10 will offer work in older versions

Microsoft’s next browser will offer a compatibility mode with previous versions, incl. IE 5, 7, 8 and 9, will include their visualization engine. This will facilitate both consumers and developers, who can more easily optimize their sites.

The first preliminary version of IE10 – Platform Preview 1 – is now available for testing. It is an opportunity to switch between different modes of displaying Web content. This is done through the menu Debug, which has the option Document Mode. Available is also an opportunity for accelerated mode switching with the key combination of Alt and the number 5, 7, 8, 9 or 0 respectively for the selection of IE5, IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10. By pressing Ctrl + Alt + 0 at any time the user can return to the default mode for opening a web page. The current mode is shown in the left side of the status line.

However, Microsoft released a developer's guide for Internet Explorer Platform Preview Guide. It includes information on new features in IE 10, and examples of how they are used.

Flash buttons in Dreamweaver

There are hundreds of companies and studios creating websites, interactive projects and whatever you want for your business. The web design company will create your own website, with information about your business, contacts, news and whatever you may want. They will create everything for you at normal price, which usually varies in very large sizes. This is the easiest way to invest into your business, but there is another opportunity for you – just to design your websites alone. The best way to make it is Dreamweaver software.

By product of Dreamweaver you can easily and quickly load your page Flash animation. This is done when clicking on Insert – Media – Flash (Ctrl+Alt+F). When clicking over it a new dialog window will appear. It remains only to select the desired flash animation and you put cadets want on your site. To place animation cadets want it to be framed Layer.

Also a very good feature of Dreamweaver is that you can easily create interactive flash texts to use as buttons and thus make your page more dynamic and attractive to the consumer who views it. From the drop-down menu select Insert Media and click on Flash Text, and then opens the window settings of your text.

1. Select the type of font for your text flash.

2. Enter the size of your text.

3. Select the text color of your taste.

4. You select another color that you want to change when the first go through the text.

5. Enter the text.

6. Create a link to another existing page.

7. Method of opening the link.

8. Select the background color of the flash text (best as the background of the page itself).

9. Select the name of the button which will be saved in your working environment.

10. Click OK to return to the desktop.

Were added to Dreamweaver and Flash buttons ready, you can use for your page. You can see them from the Insert -> Media -> Flash Button, then you will see:

1. In this window will see how your button will look like.

2. This is a window with a sheet of the buttons you have.

3. Text that will appear on the button itself.

4. Choose the font of the text.

5. Size of the font.

6. Link to another existing page.

7. Background color of the button itself.

8. Click OK to return to the desktop.

Mozilla released Firefox 25 final version

Mozilla upload to FTP servers final version of Firefox 25.0 for all supported platforms – Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Later today, the browser will be officially released for download. Mozilla Firefox 25 comes with a few changes. Find Bar is not shared between tabs, users can migrate settings from another browser and browsing history, if you have not used Firefox for months and reset the browser will no longer clears the current session.

In addition, Firefox 25 includes some improvements for developers, including support for “CSS3 background-attachment: local”, several new ES6 features and the ability to inline the determination of iframe documents.