Windows script host error

If you see the error of Windows script host, when loading Windows XP, you will not be able to work with your computer. of course the reinstallation and reconfiguration costs a lot of time and usually is quite hard job. So you should better fix the issue and continue your work. To fix the error you need to:

- Reboot and press F8 continuously log into Safe mode. From there, give a yes on the first dialog box. Start-Run-> regedit.

- From there you get to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE-> MICROSOFT-> WINDOWS SCRIPT HOST – delete the key enabled, turn off the window regedit and reboot.

Windows 8.1 patch fixes an issue with Skype

Microsoft has released an update for its new platform Windows 8.1, including for 32- and 64- bit systems that eliminates some problems in your operating system. Called KB2902892, the update corrects errors concerning Modern version of Skype for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. “When starting the Skype Windows Store in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2, it crashes immediately and Windows returns to the Start screen. This problem occurs when the computer uses a graphics subsystem Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Sandy Bridge)”, explains Microsoft.

The update is delivered as usual via the built system Windows Update, so that consumers require minimal involvement, if this feature is enabled. In addition, the update can be downloaded manually from the website of Microsoft.

Final version of Firefox 26 was released

The final version of the browser Firefox 26.0 is almost finished. In the near future the application will become available for the platforms Windows, Mac OS X and Linux servers of Mozilla. Among the most important innovations in Firefox 26 is support for H.264 video format on Linux systems and MP3 decoding in Windows XP. Added also support social references in API and Social API.

Firefox 26.0 offers support script – generated fields for passwords in Password Manager, “click to play” functionality for all plug-ins and updates without permission to write to the installation directory for Windows users. The new browser accelerates page loading, not decoded images that are not visible, says the developer. Currently available for download candidate final version of Firefox 26.

Windows Phone 7 will have multi-tasking

No later than 2012 Windows Phone mobile platform 7 will be enriched with opportunities for full multi-tasking. This will be the regeneration Mango, which was initially expected in the third quarter of this year. Mango will introduce many innovations in the mobile OS from Microsoft. Even argued that it would rename the system in Windows Phone 7.5. Besides a complete multitasking, Mango will add HTML5 and Silverlight, as well as additional language support.

The postponing the renewal next year, however, may harm the Nokia, which took WP7 for major smartphone platform. Earlier representatives of the Finnish company said that Nokia will launch its first smartphone WP7 after renewal of the operating system. Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s attempt to intervene seriously in the market for smartphones, where other platforms – such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry – enjoy outstanding success. Nokia’s Symbian losing ground, forcing the Finnish company to take the radical move to Windows Phone 7.