Fusion mixes the images

Freeware application Fusion allows multiple images to be combined into one image. Can be mixed as images of equal exposure and varying. In the second case in memory, the computer creates an image with extended dynamic range of luminance (HDR). Subsequent compression in a simple, narrow range (LDR) uses nonlinear algorithms for tonal compression and allows maximum preservation of significant details of the images. Fusion offers features such as automatic reconciliation of photography, editor of the pixel level, HDR processing, etc.

BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android

The mobile app, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) caused a furor. Over 10 million users have downloaded the ” killer ” of SMS in the first 24 hours since the software on your BlackBerry is available for the two most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. BlackBerry Messenger is provided free of charge for both platforms, only to one day become the most downloadable applications in more than 75 countries, incl. U.S., UK and Canada, where, according to information from the BlackBerry, its product marks the best performance for the mobile application within one day. The Canadian developer does not export data for the ratio of downloads for iOS and Android, but according to statistics from Google Play, installed base of BBM for Andoid is between 1 and 5 million, which means more downloads for iOS. The application has an average score 4.2 at maximum 5 with about 80,000 votes out of a total of 118,000 gave him full marks.

Add-ons for your Magento E-store

With the development of e-commerce market, online store platforms gain their popularity. According to Feb 2013 e-commerce survey, Magento is a leader in the market. It shares top 3 positions with VirtueMart and PrestaShop, with the market share of 26%, 9.5% and 8.6% correspondingly. Magneto’s dominance is well justified by its rich built-in toolset. Not to mention that it’s open source, adjustable and very powerful platform.

Though Magento has the widest range of imbedded functions, you can still need some extra functionality to be included into the site. In these cases side Magento add-ons can be installed. There is a variety of them – free and paid – available on Magneto’s main market place – Magento Commerce. We’d like to draw your attention to trusted and well-elaborated, and so much loved by the customers extensions by Webtex:

One page checkout

Applying shopping cart usability best practices, Magento one step checkout extension proved to be a cash cow for online shop owners. According to the study, more than 20% of shoppers leave a shopping cart page for some reason, in most of the cases these are usability flaws. Insufficient site trust, obscure forms’ fields, overabundant information required before purchasing, etc – all these flaws are illuminated in step-by-step one page checkout add-on.

Gift registry

One of the essential features of e-commerce is implying gift cards and gift registries functionality on site. Magento gift registry extension by Webtex enables the richest functionality on your site: for shop owners and customers. To mention a couple of features, registries can be fully edited through admin panel; shared via facebook and twitter; reached in a couple of different ways, including direct link.

Featured Products Slider

One of the latest extensions by Webtex is Featured products slides. It enables featured products galleries into the site. Here you can show the promotions and sales, as well as suggestions for customers.